Wednesday, 11 September 2013

LFW Essentials!

LFW Essentials

So, you'll never guess where I'm headed on Friday?? YES you got it, London Fashion Week! The event I'm going to is hosted by New Look and I know a few other bloggers who are going so I'll get to meet them which is so exciting. I'll be heading to London on my own(!!!) for the first time ever, which is slightly intimidating. However, I know being right in the thick of LFW will be an incredible experience, and definitely worth all the worry of outfit planning and traveling alone!

I spent some time trying to decide what bag to take. I mean, do people take clutch bags to fashion week? Or big bags? Obviously I think a lot of people will be wandering around with beautiful, teensy little clutches, but that's really not going to be practical for me. I know, I know. Fashion week isn't about being practical. But if you look at all the necessities I'm going to be taking with me, I think you'll understand.

Of course I'll need my camera. I'm sure Friday is going to be absolutely saturated with inspiration, and I'm going to want to document it! Although I'm not wearing huge heels on the day, I am bringing some flat shoes with me to pop on in case my feet start to hurt. There's nothing worse than being on your feet all day in uncomfortable shoes. Gotta be prepared! I'll be taking a magazine or two for the train journeys (they're about 2 hours each way!) and my phone for any Instagram moments. A couple of extra things I might need are an umbrella and sunglasses, because who knows what the British weather might do! And lastly, a travel make up bag. It's going to be a long day, so I want to make sure I look relatively presentable for the majority of it! 

Are any of you going to be at the New Look Refuel Room event? I can't wait to finally meet some of my bloggy friends. If you do see me wandering around like a lost puppy then please come and say hello, I'll really appreciate it, and I really want to meet some of you!  



  1. wow, you are so lucky to go there!! i really wanna go when i will grow up a bit. it's my dream!!
    kisses ♥

  2. wow that's amazing! I wished I could go to lfw! Have fun! Take many pictures, I will be visiting your blog hoping to see them! ;) x

  3. That makeup bag is so cute! Hope you have a great time! :)

  4. Very lucky! Hope you have a fabulous time. Take lots of pictures so us stuck at home can have a good oggle over your photos. :)


  5. Oooh all these items are perfect for LFW! Have an amazing time! I agree, take a big bag! x

  6. Love the dark tartan make up bag.

  7. Ooo wow, you're going to have an amazing time!
    & yes, definitely take a big bag!!

    Kisses xo, Selorm.
    She Just Talks |


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