Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween '14 | Half Skull

Happy Halloween! 

I love to dress up for the occasion and this year I decided to be oh-so-unoriginal and go for a half skeleton / half normal person look. I've never really understood why this idea is so popular but I saw an amazing tutorial over on Nouvelle Daily so decided to give it a whirl. Obviously the make up artist made it look terribly easy and whilst I'd give myself an A for effort, I'd probably only get a low C for overall presentation. Not my finest hour but after a couple of cocktails I imagine it will smudge all over my face anyway. 

This make up look is calling out for a Saint Laurent-esque tux and a pair of sky high heels to accompany it. Lady Gaga meets Zombie Boy style.   

So tell me, what are you all dressing up as this Halloween?   


PS. If you fancy taking a trip down memory lane then why not check out my Halloween post from last year.



  1. This looks amazing! Sadly I am in bed with a lempsip doing university work this Halloween!

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  2. Gorgeous look! I considered being a skull like that but the face paint will get so messy! I'm going as Violet from the incredibles! xo

  3. doing very well!!

    with love,

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